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Red Thai Red Curry Cooking Sauce in a Can 330g


Brand Potts

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An authentic Thai Curry Sauce with Thai Basil, Galangal and Lime Leaf. Potts' Thai Red Curry is a Coconut Rich Curry Sauce with plenty of fragrant herbs and spices.Comes in a 100% recyclable "beer" can with a fully removable lid. 

Make it traditional by frying 400g of prawns or diced chicken or pork with a little vegetable oil over medium heat until cooked through. Add the curry sauce and continue to cook until piping hot. Serve with Thai Jasmine rice and season to taste with fish sauce.

Make it vegan by frying 300-400g of diced soya protein pieces and/or diced vegetables such as peppers, baby corn or squash until cooked. Add this sauce and continue to cook until simmering piping hot.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Cream, Water, Onions, Red Chillies, Garlic, Galangal (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Lemongrass, Cornflour, Thai Basil (1.3%), Salt, Concentrated Lime Juice, Date Syrup, Coriander, Lime Leaves (0.3%), Paprika, Cumin.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.